Our story. Our drive.

As women who have succeeded in male dominated fields, we want to make it easier for all women to achieve their career goals.

We want to help you

When women flourish, everyone flourishes

We are building the world we want for everyone. That starts with opening the doors of opportunity to women. On your own it’s hard to get ahead. When we climb together we get further faster.

it a try!

For mentees
and mentors

Why you should help other women

Women who mentor others report higher job satisfation. They build professional networks that will help them to thrive.

Mentoring helps you to cement your own job skills. When you mentor another woman you gain insights into your own capabilities, weaknesses and strengths. You can grow you own leadership potential by helping another woman to hone hers.

One of the joys of mentoring is learning as you teach. You learn from your mentee as you see her employ a different approach to her work than you have used. Every woman, regardless of profession and career status, can join.

Who are we?

Mpho Tutu van Furth is a priest, author, artist and the Exeutive Director of the Tutu Teach Foundation

Mpho Tutu Van Furth

Marceline Tutu van Furth is a paediatrician and professor of paediatric infectious diseases and a board member of the Tutu Teach Foundation

Marceline Tutu Van Furth