Our Advisory Committee

Harriette Verwey earned her PhD in 1995 and retired in 2017 after a distinguished career as cardiologist with expertise in cardiac failure and cardiovascular diseases especially in women. She was the deputy Head of the department of cardiology in Leiden, the Netherlands, and chaired the internal audit committee at the Leiden University Medical Centre.

“#IToo is important because women should be encouraged to take a (leading) position and dare to become who they already are. ‘Men won’t move, let us move them.”

Harriette Verwey

Catherine Keyl is an experienced journalist. She has hosted several television talk shows and continues to make guest appearances on television. She is currently a columnist for the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” and writes for several magazines. As well as her native Dutch Catherine has studied English and French.

“I support #ITOO because to counter to the Old Boys Network we definitely need a network for women only, where women can share experiences and support each other.”

Catherine Keyl

Amrita Joerawan is the founder & owner of Global consulting league BV, international business organization sociologist, executive HR leader and diversity and inclusion specialist with +15 years of international experience in Human Resources. She is actively involved in improving the position of women.

“Every woman deserves her own cheering squad. #ITOO focusses on the uniqueness of a woman and the potential to grow her talents and opportunities. The #ITOO platform is accessible and, transparent and pragmatic.”

Amrita Joerawan